Friday, June 27, 2008

Dr John Chang appointed medical editor of EuroTimes China at WOC in Hong Kong

Dr John Chang has been appointed medical editor of EuroTimes China. Dr Chang, who takes up his position from today, June 27, will have responsibility for the editorial content of the magazine working with the newly appointed Editorial Board of EuroTimes China.

The appointment was announced to coincide with the WOC meeting in Hong Kong.

“We are delighted to invite Dr Chang to join our editorial team," said Dr Emanuel Rosen, chairman of the International Editorial Board of EuroTimes. “EuroTimes China is published by the ESCRS and offers Chinese ophthalmologists a forum for discussion, learning and the development of global ophthalmology,” said Dr Rosen.

“EuroTimes China has now reached 8,000 circulation and is still growing and we are confident that with Dr Chang’s guidance we will enhance the communication between the European and Chinese ophthalmologists,” he said.

Dr Chang said he was honoured to accept the position. “EuroTimes China is highly regarded in the ophthalmological community, and I hope to build on its growing reputation, working closely with the ophthalmologists of great talent, influence and learning on the EuroTimes China editorial board,” said Dr Chang.

The members of the Editorial Board of EuroTimes China are:

Dr Yansheng Hao, Dr Ningli Wang, Dr Ying Li, Dr Yuegou Chen, Dr Haike Guo, Dr Yizhi Liu, Dr Jian Ge, Dr Zheng Wang, Dr Dong Fangtian, Dr Xiaoxin Li, Dr Chenjin Jin, Dr Gezhi Xu,Dr Xun Xu, Dr Peiquan Zhao, Dr Zhenping Huan, Dr Jinsong Zhang, Dr Yi Lu, Dr Zinghuai Sun, Dr Jingcai Lian, Dr Xingtao Zhou, Dr Kanxing Zhao, Dr Yan Wang, Dr Ke Yao, Dr Ye Shen, Dr Qinmei Wang, Dr Yaohua Sheng, and Dr Yuehua Zhou.

For more information contact Mr Colin Kerr, executive editor of EuroTimes, at 00 353 86 0473478.

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