Saturday, September 13, 2008

Excellent long-term outcomes for ICL implant


Long-term clinical experience with the Visian Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL, Staar Surgical) demonstrates consistently high rates of refractive success, good safety and patient satisfaction, according to Carlo F Lovisolo MD.

“This lens has proved its viability and safety over the long-term with over 100,000 ICLs now implanted worldwide. From this experience and my own clinical experience of over 1,000 implantations, we can say that chronic IOP rise is not an issue with this lens nor are there any problems with chronic uveal inflammation. Once the proper sizing indications have been respected the ICL is safe for the corneal endothelium,” he said, speaking at the XXVI Congress of the ESCRS.

Dr Lovisolo, medical director, Quattroelle Eye Centre in Milan, Italy, said that three generations of the Staar ICL were implanted over the course of the 15-year study, the majority of which were the latest model, the V4, with improved vaulting to reduce the possibility of contact with the crystalline lens.

Dr Lovisolo noted that most late postoperative complications associated with ICL implantation, such as after-cataract and iridopathy, are size-related and can be thus avoided with proper anatomical measurements.

“We now know that sizing cannot be based on external anatomy as white-to-white measurements correlate poorly with internal dimensions. To correctly predict implant-to-tissue clearances, the ICL must be customised to the individual size and shape of the whole anterior segment as obtained with VHF echography,” he said.

Dedicated software to predict intraocular compression and vault height is also needed and implanted eyes should be monitored yearly after implantation, he concluded.

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