Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ESCRS celebrates 20th anniversary of LASIK with new consumer website

Marking the 20th anniversary of LASIK and the European Year of LASIK, the ESCRS has launched “LASIK Safe in Our Hands” (, a consumer-oriented website dedicated to getting out the facts about LASIK surgery. The website is the centrepiece of a new campaign to address through education lingering concerns about the procedure held by many who have not had LASIK.

European patients who have experienced the benefits of LASIK surgery are nearly unanimous in their enthusiasm for the procedure. A staggering 98 per cent confirmed they would recommend it to someone else, according to an international survey conducted this spring by the well-known Opinion Health poll.

Even so, four out of five respondents who had not had LASIK still had concerns – even though 69 per cent agreed that eye surgery is a safe and well-established procedure. Of those expressing reservations, the greatest number, 30 per cent, said they needed more information. Another 24 per cent didn’t think they could afford it. Potential side effects were the major worry of 17 per cent while 11 per cent said they would not consider the procedure.

“LASIK can be a life-changing procedure, but these survey results show that people do not understand just how safe and effective modern LASIK is in the hands of a well-qualified and experienced laser surgeon. We hope that our new campaign will help bridge the information gap so that more people might benefit from good vision without glasses or contact lenses,” said ESCRS president Jose Guell MD, Barcelona.

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