Saturday, April 5, 2008

EuroTimes brings the sun to Chicago

The Windy City can be very pretty but it can also be very cold and wet.

The EuroTimes team flew into Chicago from Dublin late Thursday evening for the 2008 ASCRS/ASOA symposium and congress where we were greeted with the incessant rain that has been a depressing feature of the Irish and European landscape over the last few months.

Happily, the sun is now shining and Chicago is looking forward to its hottest weekend in three months, according to the weather forecasters.

That should cheer up the delegates at the conference in the McCormick Centre who are looking forward to hearing presentations on the cutting edge of innovation and excellence in ophthalmic surgery and practice.

The highlights of the debates will be published in EuroTimes in our June and July issues but you can get a snapshot of what is going on in this weblog every day.

As always, we welcome your comments and opinions so watch this space.

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Julia Petrauskas said...

Dear Editor -- Three cheers for the article on Tony Snow's presentation at ASCRS. While Snow did the expected "snow job" with selective statistics on the Bush administration, Howard Larkin exposed his failings. Great reading.

Julia Petrauskas, MSPH
Laguna Beach, California