Wednesday, April 23, 2008

EuroTimes Practice Management Resource Centre - Developing a vision for your practice

Great ophthalmologists do not necessarily make great business experts.

That is why EuroTimes has decided to invite business and management experts to address the EuroTimes Practice Management Resource Centre workshops at the XXVI Congress of the ESCRS in Berlin from Saturday September 13 to Monday September 15.

These workshops will be run every year and will be an integral part of the EuroTimes Practice Management Resource Centre service which aims to help ophthalmologists develop a vision for their practices.

At these workshops we will look at the challenges that ophthalmologists face and the opportunities that are available to them.

The knowledge they acquire at these workshops will assist them in delivering the highest level of services to their patients

For many ophthalmologists, the prospect of establishing and managing a practice can be daunting. These workshops will explain the nuts and bolts of running a successful practice and will also offer ophthalmologists and their practice staff the opportunity to discuss their personal experiences in practice development with their colleagues.

Further information about these workshops will be available on this weblog, in the May issue of EuroTimes and also on our website at

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